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Convertible Waxed Canvas Backpack/Messenger Bag


Sometimes you want a backpack. Sometimes you want a messenger bag. Why buy two bags can do the same thing? This backpack does both. This isn't the largest bag ever made, but for most people who don't carry a laptop, this is all the bag you'll need.

The interior of the bag measures 11.5" wide by 11" high so it can carry books, notebooks, a small lunch, your eReader, or whatever else you carry on your daily commute. There are several sneaky pockets for holding your cell phone, keys, pens, your wallet, work ID tags, and my sneaky magnetic pocket in the flap that safely holds any magnetic card (transit, work ID, etc) so you never have to take it out of your bag, just hold it against the receptacle and carry on with your day.

All of the products used to make this bag are made in the United States. The canvas has been made the same way for more than 100 years using the only environmentally friendly process that is vegan, durable, and not harmful to you or the environment. The fold-top design and the wax applied to the canvas will let you get through most rain storms without a drop affecting the contents of your bag. And because style matters, this fabric will develop a natural patina with age and use that will make it appear more leather-like with time. Unlike leather, it weighs a fraction of the cost.

The rings, and protective strap guards, applied to the back of the bag, permit you to convert this from messenger to backpack by simply unclipping one clip, and reclipping. Running the strap through one ring at the bottom of the bag converts it from a messenger bag to a backpack. The strap is adjustable to fit most shoulders, but if fit is a concern, the strap can be adjusted for no extra charge.

Lining color is completely customizable since this bag will be made after your order is placed. Feel free to send lining color/pattern requests when you place your order, or you will receive an email from me requesting this information. This bag will be made and delivered within 30 days of your order unless you are told otherwise. You will also receive an email from me stating that your bag has shipped. All bags are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 20% of all purchases are donated to nonprofit organizations.