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Heavy Rolltop Messenger


The bag has a plethora of pockets to permit you stay organized. The bag is 14" wide, by 15" high, and 5" deep. It will permit you to carry a legal pad or a small laptop. The pockets included are:

  • 7" wide pocket sewn into the front flap with a welt that will prevent water/dust from getting through the zipper and into your pocket contents.
  • 14" wide pocket with a zipper sewn onto the back of the bag. This doesn't have a welt to make it more comfortable against your back.
  • 5" wide pocket on each side of the bag. One contains a flap for holding a cel phone or keys. The other is open for holding an umbrella or similar item.
  • 14" x 9" pocket on the front of the bag that is kept closed with magnetic snaps. This pocket is expandable to cover/contain additional front pockets.
  • Inside the pocket above is a slide pocket sewn tightly against the front of the bag which provides 2 pen slots and 2 smaller pockets to the side perfect for holding your phone, keys, or other small items you may want easy to reach but want securely hidden from view.
  • The inside of the bag contains an optional divider and an 8" zipper pocket for holding small items that are easy to lose.

This bag is shown in heavy-duty black cotton canvas that is grown/dyed/milled/woven in the United States. All hardware and linings are also determined to be sweatshop free which makes this an ethically-sourced and environmentally conscious bag.

The canvas is very durable, quite thick, and should last you for many years of heavy use.

All bags come with a lifetime warranty on the sewing/construcion. If anything gets ripped or stitches fail, simply return this bag and I will fix it and return it to you at no charge.