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Waxed Canvas Reusable Lunchbag


Please choose the color of fabric you would like for your bag.

Packing your lunch is cheaper and healthier than buying your lunch. However, so many lunchbags are large, bulky, and frankly, kinda ugly or extra-girly. However, these lunchbags are a classic shape based off the old-fashioned brown paper bag that we all probably carried at one point or another as a child.

However, this bag is sized to fit the typical reusable containers available at your grocery store to fit your leftovers or a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a snack-size bag, and a soft drink. The waxed canvas is water-resistant, which should prevent all but the worst spills inside the bag and it is light-weight, and small enough to even tuck inside your main bag. The heavy-duty snap and roll treatment keeps other things from ending up in your bag, or from losing items out of your lunch unexpectedly if your bag tips over. The roll-top even creates a handle to make it easier to carry. And the loop with the snap attached can even be used to wrap through a basket on a bike to keep your lunch from bouncing out during your commute.

This bag measures 6" wide, 6" deep, and 5" high. This bag will fit a "sandwich-sized" container and a few small side dishes. If you tend to take more than one container, larger containers, or if you're in training and need a lot of snacks, you may prefer the "Large Appetite" size available on my shop.

The fabric used in this bag is impregnated with a vegetable-based wax. This makes it food-safe so no worries about BPA leaching into the apple or pear you take to lunch.

Care instructions:
The fabric is waterproof. The seams make the bag water resistant. The wax that is used to treat the fabric is soluble in soap, so if you do get a spill inside the bag, turn your lunchbag inside out over your kitchen sink and use the pressurized water hose with warm, but not hot water, to wash off any stains or food debris. If you have a tough stain, you can use a toothbrush to brush at the stain to get it to loosen from the fabric/wax and wash away. If the stain is tough, you can try hot water, but scrub gently while the fabric is warm to prevent the wax from washing away. If you absolutely have to use soap to remove the stain, you can do so, if you're okay losing the waterproof nature of the fabric.