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Waxed Canvas Water Resistant Dopp Kit -- Small


Please choose the color of fabric you would like for your bag.

This bag measures: 9" long, 3.5" tall, and 3" wide.

This Dopp Kit is perfect for packing what you need for an overnight or weekend trip. It will hold the basic necessities and make it possible to keep everything contained in one easy-to pack bag, while letting you travel in style. There is a small handle on one end of the bag to make it easy to carry from your luggage to your vanity. The compact size will make it easy to slip in your luggage beside your jeans or shirts. 

The outside of this bag is high-quality waxed canvas that is durable, attractive, and will wear well for several years of travel. The inside of the bag is lined with the only US-made food-grade waterproof fabric, which makes it safe for carrying your toothbrush. All seams are double-bound which will make them very close to waterproof. The zipper is not water-proof, but the base of the bag will hold several ounces of spilt liquid for several hours before it seeps through the stitching. 

This bag is also very easy to care for. If something does spill on the inside, you can turn it inside out, take a wet and slightly soapy sponge or cloth to wipe away any spills. The outside of the bag is waxed, so please don't use soap on it. If a spill gets on the outside of the bag you can rinse it under your faucet or even brush at it with a vegetable brush to remove any dried-on items. The canvas will develop a patina over time that resembles leather.

I stand by the quality of my products and my construction. All of my bags are made using US-made items whenever possible. Everything on this bag is US-made except for the zipper. All of my products come with a lifetime guarantee that as long as a repair is possible, I will make it for free. Should your bag become unusable due to a flaw in the product or construction, I will replace it with something similar or provide a discount on a future purchase.